The one time party experience in the Disney land is a bit expensive but if your budget allows the experience is worthy of it. Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is a party that takes place at the Magic Kingdom. For “trick or treat” everybody is given a bag when entering the party, but you can bring your own if you'd like to get more treats. Halloween is celebrated in 31st October in most of the European countries and many countries all over the world as a celebration of the superstitions and the day of the souls and spirits.

Grownups as well as children dress up in crazy and scary costumes; people have food, drink and fun in Halloween parties late at night. The 31st October of every year the day is celebrated in several European countries. The evening before is known as All Halloween’s eve and then Halloween night. People adorn their houses with giant pumpkin, candles and other frightening things and keep foods and candies ready for treat or trick kids.Scary Halloween Stories

Celebrating the Halloween is an age old practice. If we want to know the origin of it, we have to excavate into the page of old English history because the Halloween’s origins date back to the very old Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced as sow-in). The Celts lived about 2000 years back, who celebrated their New Year on the 1st of November as the day was their harvest day. The day signified the onset of cold, dark winter which is very often associated with death and the other world. The Celts used to believe that on the night before (31st October) the new year (1st November) the boundary between the dead world and the earth does not exist. Therefore the dead persons’ spirits find it easy to come into the world and harm the livings as well as their crops.